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Ron Kuczak is people oriented individual with a huge bank of knowledge and experience that he is willing to offer and share with his colleagues. He has a boundless range of professional skills that make him an extraordinary teacher of real estate economics and land sciences. A true creator and innovator, an artist, a financier and a problem solver. Someone you need to know and have in your corner.
                                                      K. Charles Kanellis, Administrator
                                                      Legends Real Estate School, LLC
                                                      Dallas, TX 75244

Appraiser since 1959.  Initiated practice as a field appraiser in the right-of-way appropriations for several major interstate highway and urban renewal projects in southwestern Ohio.

Licensed real estate broker since 1960.
Lender appraiser from 1961 through 2002. Licensed in Ohio in 1995.

Designer and Custom Home Builder  since 1969

Expert Witness  Eminent Domain Proceedings, bankruptcy,
                          insurance settlements, divorce, consumer claims
                          involving construction, probate , etc. Since 1970   
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